Nurturing Tantric TouchFor Men

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My massage combines a variety of techniques from Swedish, Reflexology and Deep Tissue with a Tantric overlay. In many Eastern cultures Tantra is a form of erotic/spiritual touch that's been practiced and accepted for centuries. It's difficult to explain to someone raised in a Western culture where eroticism is considered vulgar, even though we use it to sell almost everything.  In the East it's often quite the opposite, carrying religious devotion. "Leaders" over the centuries have argued about how their form is more spiritual than the others. "My Guru is better than your Guru."

If you study spiritual history you'll find prohibitions against sensuality to be very new in the history of humanity. Look at early cultures in India, Tibet, Thailand, Egypt, Greece and Rome, to start. Artwork and writings of the time clearly show eroticism to be an important part of their cultures and religious experiences. Many had Gods representing their erotically spiritual lives.

This is a spiritually sensual exercise. It includes conscious, disciplined breathing and the eroticism begins at the beginning and carries through the entire, full body massage. You'll be encouraged to pay attention to your breathing throughout the massage and to empty your head of anything that might interfere with your full enjoyment of full body touch. If you let yourself relax, you'll end up feeling like pudding. Completely relaxed. It's based on the Body Electric concept of Tantra where the body carries no shame and caring touch is joyful. Most clients report recurring feelings of peace and tranquility for several days after the massage. 

Rates - Commitment - Preparation

A one hour incall session is $85.  I generally schedule appointments from 10AM with the last one at 9PM, 7 days a week.  I offer incalls only (you come to me). When you make an appointment please consider it a commitment. Here's what to do to prepare, if possible. 

While I don't watch the clock, some prospective clients have asked exactly when the time begins. Whatever length you've chosen begins when I actually begin the massage. Dressing and undressing are not taken out of your time. If you need to use the restroom at any point in the massage the clock stops. When you return the clock continues. Since it's a natural function you don't lose any time.

If you bring a cell phone and stop the massage to answer it the clock continues to run and it comes out of your massage time. Cell phones should be shut off or set to vibrate. 

Blocked Phone Calls

Some people block their phone numbers for one reason or another. I'll answer blocked and any other calls at any reasonable time when I'm in a place where it's appropriate. I never answer calls when I'm with a client. That means you'll get my voicemail. If you block calls please leave a callback number in your message, otherwise I have no way to get back to you and you may miss getting the appointment most convenient for you. I call clients ONLY when they request a return call or if I have to reschedule because of the weather or an emergency. I like a way to reach you discreetly, especially if you're driving a long distance. 

A Safe, Nurturing Atmosphere

You'll enjoy a professional massage table, specially mixed music and incense to enhance your ability to shut out the world and concentrate on receiving nurturing touch.  The private space is separately heated and air conditioned. Unless you request otherwise, the massage will be done in the nude. I'm a nudist. I don't like clothes. It's a safe, comfortable environment.  Mutual touch is acceptable so long as it's well-intentioned. It often makes the experience much warmer though, remember, this is about you, not me. Think of it as a safe harbor. The man on the table is in control and no boundaries will be exceeded. Please feel free to ask any question that comes to mind. I spent 22 years in New York City so I've probably heard everything. If you request something with which I'm uncomfortable, I'll respectfully decline without making you feel foolish for asking. A question unasked never gets an answer.

Many people ask about how they'll react to being touched and worry about being embarrassed by an erection. It's a perfectly normal and acceptable response to sensual touch. It happens in the best of families and means you're letting go and enjoying the experience. Many people respond loudly with moans and expressions of pleasure. A receptive client is a masseur's delight. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.  Either call the number above or send me email. Also, leave labels at home. My clients include all orientations and marital situations. Being massaged by another man doesn't mean you're Gay (assuming you're not). It simply means your body is being manipulated by a masseur with stronger hands and a deeper voice. I was a radio announcer.

Understand that this is not therapy. If you have active sports injuries or conditions that are better dealt with by Sports Therapists, Chiropractors or Medical Doctors, please see them first. This is for relaxation, the centering of one's life and, if you're open to it, a closer connection with a Higher Power, whatever that may mean to you. This has no relationship to any 12 step program but I've always appreciated their all inclusive Higher Power concept. You may also think of it the way Native Americans view a spirit in nearly everything in life.  This experience is meant to inspire you the way looking though a telescope on a clear night might. There are many benefits to massage, both physical and emotional. 

In my years in New York City I was a leader in a twice-weekly men's massage group called Celebrate Touch. It was the largest and longest-running such group in the world. For those who've experienced any Body Electric workshops, a friend and I created a monthly group in New York called the New York Sacred Brothers.

The  massage table is covered with a freshly-laundered sheet to make the the surface more comfortable. While I use incense, the massage creme is unscented and not greasy. It's quickly absorbed by the skin and won't stain your clothes. I use a fresh towel to remove any excess and recommend you leave it on as a moisturizer, especially during the dry Winter months. If you have uncomfortable reactions to incense or simply don't like it, just let me know.

My clients come from nearly everywhere. Primarily Western MA, Boston, Hartford, Albany, Northern New England, New Haven, Providence and New York. Businessmen who travel nearby usually schedule a session while they're here. Being a regular allows me to know your needs and avoid the awkwardness of meeting someone new in an unfamiliar environment, regardless of how nurturing I am or comforting the environment.