Preparation, Preferences and Precautions

Weight and Mobility: If you're over 250 lbs. please let me know. Depending on your age and height, you may be among those with mobility problems. My massage room is on the second floor and there's also a small set of steps leading to the building's entrance. Such weight is often accompanied by knee and hip problems that make negotiating the stairs nearly impossible or painful. If you use a cane or other walking device, please consider this carefully. I want to err on the side of safety, Unfortunately, I've had people drive long distances excited about a new experience only to be disappointed when we both agree that we shouldn't proceed. Your safety is extremely important to me. This isn't an age issue. I've had men of all ages come to me with varying degrees of restricted movement.

There isn't much you need to do to prepare for your massage. Hygiene is important so we both feel comfortable. I recommend the hottest shower you can tolerate before you arrive. It relaxes you in advance and brings blood to the surface. You'll experience an enhanced massage. Your skin will come alive. Prostate massage is included if you request it. It's done with a gloved finger. You may want to cleanse yourself internally to make yourself more comfortable.

Tell me about any allergies or preferences, particularly about using incense. Let me know what areas are stressed or tense and tell me about any areas you'd like me to avoid. Your boundaries will be respected. 

Before scheduling a session tell me about any contagious or uncomfortable skin conditions that should concern either of us. 

All sheets and towels are freshly laundered and never shared with other clients. 

Think good, sensual thoughts. You're going to be pampered. Nervousness isn't very productive but perfectly normal. I promise you'll get out alive - more alive than you can imagine.

If you're hungry have a light meal or snack. A heavy meal will make you uncomfortable. Avoid caffeine and processed sugar. They're stimulants that make it tough to completely relax.

Above all, avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. They alter your senses and make the experience a waste of money. If you come to me in an altered state I may refuse to perform the massage for your own benefit.

To avoid damage to jewelry, watches, etc. either leave them at home or take them off when you get here. They'll be safe. Neck chains often have very fine links and we want to avoid getting massage creme where it's difficult to remove. The same is true for watchbands.